Our Essence

At Wahayu Agency, we strive to reveal your wellness brand to the right audience because opting for ethical consumerism, as well as a mind-body-soul balance is our team's way of life. Wahayu actually means “revelation” in the Fulah language. We use the power of branding and design to assist wellness brands like yours in standing out from their peers. By reaching the audience which resonates with your work, you can help more people live a healthier life. 


Each client has a unique story. Through sound ethics and authenticity, Wahayu Agency exclusively partners up with businesses like yours to fulfill its mission. In other words, building style and story to line up your visual brand image with your brand identity, its true personality. Simply letting your business tell its story visuallyHow do we do that? You may ask. By mindfully crafting custom branding, websites, strategic and consistent messaging to your ideal clients, and by designing different print marketing materials (business cards, portfolios, media kits, etc). With you, we aim to not only speak to your ideal client's mind but also to their heart and soul. 


Our goal is to align brand strategy and design implementation to your visual side and business acumen equally, so your chance at increasing your sales improves. With more online businesses in the wellness & holistic niche, a proper, professional, and effective brand strategy is vital for any business to credibly stand out nowadays, and most importantly show its uniqueness. Your visibility can actually help change the world for a better future. 


We'd be happy to take your forward-thinking business onto the next level, together, because just like you we believe that not only living but also working is entirely compatible with mindfulness. Let your branding catch up with the high-quality service/product and value you offer to your clients. Working with businesses led by women with conscious living at their core makes our work even more enjoyable as we share the same values, understand your needs and hurdles, and experience the same desires as your clientele.   

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Founder & CEO

I'm Melissa D. Barry, the mind behind Wahayu Agency, brand strategist in charge, and the design team facilitator. I'm also the host of Conscious Matters podcast, a yogi in progress, vegetarian, wellness, and holistic lifestyle enthusiast. I love mixing practicality with creativity in everything I do.


There are so many amazing souls out there providing incredible wellness services but lack expertise in making them visually appealing to their audience, or who are simply a bit lost when it comes to promoting their brand's message. I believe that this issue should not be an obstacle preventing more people to benefit from wellness. Everybody deserves well-being and finding a practitioner that feels like a match is the ultimate win-win situation. I'll tell you a (not-so) secret: coherent visual storytelling attracts


Wellness practices such as yoga, and meditation, among others, really helped me get through a rough patch in my life. This made me wonder how I can spread these life-changing tools to more people with my own set of skills. After a Wahayu [revelation] moment, I decided to use my 5+ years of brand strategy experience to assist boss women in the wellness space to make the uniqueness of their brand shine.


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