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2021 reflections w/ host Melissa D. Barry

I usually like taking the last week of December as a good time to take a breath and reflect on the last 12 months, step back, slow down to mindfully close this chapter before jumping into the new year. You perhaps feel the same at this time. Inspired to look back, contemplate and evaluate what has been going on in your life, your experiences, challenges, choices, commitments and desires. and now reassessing if they're still aligned with your path, your growth or if the cycle is done and there's nothing else to do other than to be grateful, detach, release and let them go.

As I like to say, we can always do that and start over at any time but there is something about the end of the year, the days are going a bit slower, the night falling earlier, the colder days making us chilling and cozying up at home more than ever - of course depending on where you are in the world. To me, it's a time where there's less distractions so it's easier to ground myself, detach from certain old narratives that I had been encouraged to believe, reassess my goals, reinforce my values making sure I'm still aligned with them, easier to get into my own rhythm, focus on me and my loved ones, and carefully evaluate what type of energy, knowledge, and people I take in.

In this episode, I'm doing just that. Clearing the path before the upcoming chapter of 2022.

The way things unfolded in 2021 was quite unexpected, it somewhat felt uncomfortable, frustrating, with lots of back and forth - like 3 steps ahead, 2 backwards kinda limbo. Yet, it was worth it as it was a year that taught me more about myself and helped me grow toward a truer version of me. It taught me lessons that make me very excited for the year ahead even if the unknown can be taunting. Hopefully, some things that I'll share today will resonate with you, help you move forward in your own journey, or simply give you another perspective.

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners.

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