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30 conscious living lessons for my 30th year.

November is my birthday month. I finally crossed the other side and left my twenties behind me. Celebrating your big 30s during a worldwide pandemic and under full lockdown is ... not ideal and definitely not what I expected when looking forward to this pivotal moment in my life. Nonetheless, it gave me the opportunity to have this calm and slowness to reflect back on my past.

So I felt like starting off this new decade of my life by reflecting and sharing 30 lessons I’ve learnt and continue on learning every single day - lessons that help become more self-aware of ourselves, others, the Earth and the Universe at large. Being self-aware completely changes your perspective on life, on others, on your relationships, your thinking patterns and so on. Self- awareness is actually the 1st step which contributes to live more consciously, at least for me. Just like any issue, first recognise the problem, then fix it.

Hopefully, you'll benefit from some and eventually share others with me.

I’ll probably won’t get into each life experience that taught me each lesson, otherwise it would be an extra long podcast episode but let’s get it on with the listing.

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners,

M -

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