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Aligning your mind with Ayurveda w/ Dr Siva Mohan - Part 1: True mind-body wellness

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I’ve said it on this podcast before, I’m going to say it again: I’m obsessed with the mind! I just find its abilities, depth, and power so incredible and fascinating. I already did a couple of episodes with the mind at the fore-front: one about mental health and neuroplasticity, and the other one about the power of the subconscious. Today, as a continuation of my Ayurveda sequel: A journey to healthy living with Ayurveda medicine, we’ll explore the mind through an Ayurvedic stand-point. Told you I’m obsessed!

Indeed, in part 1 we touched upon the importance of aligning our body with our own composition and the external environment. In other words, Ayurveda as a great reminder. It reminds us that the Earth, Mother Nature, - through seasons - naturally provides us with the food we need to eat, at that specific time. With our overly industrialized society it’s so easy to forget that as humans we are fully part of that eco-system, that our constitution is made to live in tune with nature, with the circadian rhythms (literally the rise and set of the sun), to be active when nature is active, and rest when nature is resting. To balance our daily routine so that we flow with the energies of the day rather than going against them which will inevitably result in suffering.

But what is a healthy body without a balanced/healthy mind? There is no denying that the two are inherently linked together. Brain functioning underlies and affects mental and behavior functioning. A body that is not functioning well is often a reflection of what’s going on inside one’s head. Similarly, a mind that is not well will affect the body through a series of ailments, diseases, and imbalances. Imagine all the things you have been exposed to and going through individually since you took your first breath on Earth. Now add all of the societal stuff you've experienced and integrated in your system. That's a lot, right?

The mind has a tremendous influence on our overall health. That's what I want to dissect today: how to heal our minds on all levels from the subconscious to the superconscious part of the brain with the three regulatory principles of the body, mind, and soul in Ayurveda.

For that discovery who better than a Neuroscience BA holder and psychiatrist (Western Medicine, Public Health) who adds Ayurveda, spiritual practices and wellness lifestyle approaches into the mix to build an unshakable awareness for self-healing. I'm very grateful to have Dr Siva Mohan on this podcast today to guide my little investigation about aligning our mind with Ayurveda medicine. From Neuroscience dork, to witch doctor, (her words!) Siva presents a unique East-West mind-body version of Ayurveda. With her "heart-mind" approach, she makes this complex yet basic medicine and philosophy simple, enjoyable, and more importantly imperfectly perfect for our modern life. She has been guiding people in her private practice for over a decade to build self awareness, emotional wellness to live a healthier life.

We discussed about:

  • The mind-body connection;

  • The mind and three Gunas;

  • The difference between the general neurological perspective and the Ayurvedic one on the mind;

  • The beneficial role of Ayurveda during the most challenging and stressful times - on an individual and collective level;

  • The dosha-imbalance harming the nervous system and how to balance it;

  • Balancing common disturbances of the mental and emotional realm;

  • Psychiatry and Ayurveda: an interesting mix;

  • Strengthening our mind to be less prone to mental imbalances;

And so much more ...

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

Disclaimer: this conversation is only for information purposes, no medical advice is given on this podcast.

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