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Bye-bye self sabotage w/ host Melissa D. Barry

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

German philosopher and revolutionary thinker in Western philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche said, “you yourself will always be the worst enemy you can encounter; you yourself lie in wait for yourself in caves and forests.”

How many of us have had this wonderful idea or new project to take on to level up, or simply something specific you want to move forward with in your life, something small or something big like a career change or a move - everything feels amazing, we get super excited to just end up sabotaging ourselves, self doubting, procrastinating, struggling to get back on the horse, literally wasting so much time before even starting any-thing and end up just going back to square one? I know I'm not alone.

Unfortunately, as a result this pattern prevents us from growing, expanding, reaching our wildest desires, and truly living the life we aspire to. If you relate to this, keep on listening because it’s specifically what I’m going talk about today and what I’ve been going through lately to be fully transparent.

If we’re so many people self-sabotaging ourselves while being well-aware that it hinders our growth and accomplishing our great goals why do we keep on doing it? And most importantly, how can we stop doing that?

I’ll try discussing this subject in a way that helps us re-frame the scary parts of our ego, from battling with our inner critic to releasing fears to finally taking action while not forgetting to explore the laborious phases of self-doubt, procrastination, and lack of motivation. I won’t be acting all mighty talking on there as if I figured out everything, full disclosure I procrastinated like crazy to work and release this episode. I haven’t cracked the code yet to fully stop self-sabotaging ourselves but I think I grasp a few elements along the way, so I’ll share what I’ve understood until now. Starting off by exploring our constant battling against our inner critic in the trenches of self-doubt & procrastination. Following up with uncovering and releasing our fears by using the best weapons against self-sabotage.

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners,

M -

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