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Conscious Communication w/ Attachment style coach Taryn Newton-Gill

In this world there is a lot of miscommunication.

Words matter, they’re important and powerful - they can transform your life and open you up to new things and opportunities. Like we discussed in the last episode, it’s crucial when you talk to yourself. But what about the words you use with others? Your family, your friends, your partner, your co-workers, your business partners, children?

We were taught how to read and write nonetheless, it seems like we have not learned the basics of clear and effective communication that kindly expresses not only your thoughts but also the meaning and intention behind those use words. 

Communicating consciously means being intentional, empathetic and non-judgmental in how we express ourselves in any particular social context so that we nurture our connection and bonds with ourselves and others through the way we interact. It’ll mutually enrich the relationships in your life and undoubtedly make you a more effective communicator.

Speaking with intention to make the situation better instead of just having your way. Actively listening to others by being fully present not listening while checking your phone or thinking about your next argument.

Clearly communicating what you want and need in life is inherently part of your emotional well-being. As I always say it’s by individually improving ourselves that we’ll improve the collective my adding up our individual experiences.

In my own opinion, I think that we talk too much. Even more with social media where everybody has an opinion or story to share on literally everything. But how often do we think about the WHY. Why are we about to say something? - Are you communicating to express an idea, to relay important information, to express a thought or emotion, to share a meaningful experience, or to deepen your connection, to solve a problem? Are you speaking with integrity, honesty and respect.  Do you care about the impact of your words and how your words will be received?  The whole ordeal about Consciousness is to be aware, present and intentional in everything we are and do. It’s most probably impossible to perfect it but we can all make tweaks in how we go about things to get closer to the goal. That’s also why I love sharing these consciousness nuggets through Conscious Matters podcast.

We’re not all created equal when it comes to communication. We’re all gifted differently but one thing that’s for sure is that communicating consciously is a learnable skill. Especially in a world where there’s such a lack of communication leading to injustice at a large scale, and unnecessary arguments and separations at a smaller scale.

Of course, our childhood, past experiences influence the way we interact with the world but did you know how much? I recently learn about attachment style through a workshop led by Taryn Newton-Gill - women empowerment coach, Attachment Style expert, and founder of Truer Love the coaching practice that guides you to healthy love and relationships - about the influence of this fascinating Attachment Style theory on our ability to communicate consciously which forges our approach to human relationships. In this conversation, we'll uncover the tools and process that make us move from unconscious communication - which leads to may lead to conflicts or misunderstandings - to conscious communication which shows love, care, and respect. Understanding what's hidden from the view brings more awareness which makes you understand why you interact a certain way and also helps you to improve yourself and bring harmony around you.

In this episode, we talk about: the meaning of Conscious Communication; the impact of triggers on Conscious Communication; the influence of Attachment Style theory on our way of communicating; silent communication; the importance of language shifts for relationships well-being; taking responsibility of our feelings; Conscious Communication vs Effective Communication; and much more …

If you want more healthy relationships in your life, this episode is for you!

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners,

M -

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