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Inner-self connection from a heart-centered approach w/ cardiologist Dr Madalina Petrescu

I usually talk so much about the power of the brain which truly fascinates me, reprogramming our mind, digging into our subconscious, and pretty much everything related to what’s going on up there. However, since I recently did an episode on health from a 360-degree perspective: mind-body-soul, in other words, what true health really means. It made me think and reflect about the power we have inside of us, not only in our brain but also in our heart, in our breath, in our gut, and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep on discovering other sources of power within us.

There is no better time than the month of love to talk about the heart. The one that is responsible for making us feel and connect with self and others. The one that sometimes makes us think that it has a mind of its own, communicating messages to both our brain and our gut, you know this instinct that we associate with a feeling, something only the heart can create - literally calling it a “gut feeling”.

To uncover the secrets or maybe the superpower of the heart, I’ll be discussing it or most probably harass with questions Dr. Madalina Petrescu, a leading cardiologist at the Swedish Medical Center, also author and practitioner of various conscious healing modalities with the heart at their center. With her husband Cris, an entrepreneur turned heart intelligence coach, they created the HeartQ method backed by their experience and her extensive background in science and medicine guiding people to reconnect with their authentic selves and with the mission of activating our heart intelligence to live a heart-centered, aligned, and fulfilling life.

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

- M

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