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Living your soul purpose in 2022 & beyond

I did promise you a last episode on Ayurveda: aligning your soul with Ayurveda to complete the Ayurveda mind-body-soul series. I decided to switch it up by simply taking this Ayurvedic concept of following your Dharma aka your soul purpose in this life and yet still keep my promise.

What a better way to start off 2022 than assessing our purpose?

With this supportive energy of the beginning of the new year, it’s a great time to thrive, shedding the old and reinventing yourself diving into the unknown where you’ll find aspects of yourself you never even imagined that’ll help feeling you whole and abundant. So why not exploring your life purpose to do so?

Do you think we all have a role to play in our lives? Dharma is a Sanskrit term used in Ayurveda that is generally translated as “life purpose”. Indeed, Ayurvedic philosophy considers that we all have a particular role to play on Earth: a "righteous goal" that will guide our actions and the course of our lives. This is a common thread that acts as a compass in all the situations we encounter. Our Dharma thus becomes like a guiding star to follow, even when darkness surrounds us.

In Ayurveda, our life is to know and experience the great cosmic consciousness that is the origin of the Universe.

For this, we must know how to balance 4 essential aspects of our lives:

1) The Dharma which is our life mission, also called “right action”.

2) The Artha which is abundance and material success.

3) The Kama which is desire, both sexual desire (as in the well-known Kama-Sutra), and the creative energy which is behind all achievement.

4) Moksha which is spiritual liberation.

We therefore consider that everything has its place (life mission, abundance, desire and spirituality) but that none should take up all the space to the detriment of the others. Without knowing our dharma, our mission, our duty, we don't know in which direction to go, so we get lost, so we panic, so we disturb our health and the overall balance. Recognizing one's dharma is an appeasement and an evidence: it has always been before our eyes!

With this in mind, it then becomes essential to be in good health in order to be able to balance all areas of our lives. Without good health, we cannot have the energy and focus to move forward on our path. For this reason, Ayurveda goes far beyond the health of the physical body. This medicine was put in place to allow us to realize our vocation.

Let's dive deeper into the notion of life purpose in a more practical way.

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

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