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Mindful takeaways from 2020 to bring into the new year

You'll have bad times, but it'll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to.” - a quote I fell upon of actor, Sean McGuire.

The year 2020 was the year

grief wrapped itself around our bones

and tightened its grip

as thousands of spirits were ripped from flesh

and hurled into the night sky

The year 2020 was also the year

the cup of injustice overflowed

with rage embracing bitterness

while history demanded

closer scrutiny

The year 2020 will be remembered as

the beginning

the end

the turning point

the arrow that pierced

hope reborn

beauty for ashes

and not simply

as the year of fires and screams

Yeah, we’re starting heavy today with the poem of Vivian Zems.

In the January podcast episode, I couldn't believe we were already in 2020, and today I can't believe it's over. It was the slowest year ever, yet probably the one filled with the most disastrous events worldwide so close to one another. This year has been overshadowed by death, grief, violence, injustice, isolation, restrictions, sadness, sickness, and most probably any other negative adjectives you can think of. We came close to get ourselves into a third world war because of the shenanigans of the US and Iran. I'm downplaying the term because I don't feel like cursing right now ...

We can all agree that 2020 was a mess but in today's episode, I'll do my best to retrieve some mindful takeaways from this unique experience we've just gone under. (I'm going to call it that: "an experience" because... it was just a damn rollercoaster from beginning to the end). Takeaways which contribute in assisting us with living more consciously. Little disclaimer, it was not an easy task at all to brainstorm about this episode. Throughout the year the craziness of 2020 has been mentioned on this podcast, so I'll do my best to not repeat myself but don't hold it against me if I do. Despite everything, if you are listening to me right now, it means that we're still here, we made it, we survived! So let's go!

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners,

M -

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