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Mindful takeaways from 2022 to bring into the new year w/ host Melissa D. Barry

Closing off the year with some reflection on 2022: welcoming the gems I got out of the lessons I went through this year.

I feel like 2022 was a test of the inner work I’ve been doing these last few years and confronted me with situations where I didn’t grasp the full depth of the lessons. For example, I thought that I learned my lesson of dealing with delays last year. Well, this year nothing (or at least almost nothing) went according to my plan even if I spent months deep thinking and preparing to the T. It was just not meant to be this year. It doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen but this year wasn’t the time for some of the things I planned and expected to happen. So I had to catch myself when falling into anger, frustration, sadness, and disappointment even if I did go through all of them.

But, after feeling my feelings, it helped me go through tremendous growth in my approach to life. I thought I was at a good place internally and I was but there is always so much room for growth at any stage of our lives and that in itself I’d truly magical. It’s a never-ending process. This year pushed me through a whole other level in my growth. Expanding my outlook on life to gear toward an even more empowered and carefree energy to bring into 2023 and beyond.

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

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