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Shadow integration - The path to freedom, wholeness & living authentically w/ host Melissa D. Barry

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

As Jung wrote, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Just like mentioned in the previous episode "transmuting the unconscious into the conscious" shadow work is about bringing onto the forefront of our mind what has been hidden for the longest time with the aim of being free from hinderances and become whole again to live up to your true nature and potential.

If you've been listening to Conscious Matters for awhile you know about my love and passion for self-love, self-worth, self-awareness, self-growth, self-improvement, pretty much everything around the self - AND the mind, especially the unconscious mind. How can we transform ourself to live our best authentic life by balancing the light and the dark inside each one of us.

Shadow work definitely helps remove any impediments from the relationship you have with others, yes - but more importantly the relationship you have with yourself. Repressing those traits and emotions that you don't fancy that much is as a matter of fact one of the biggest blockages in your self love journey. More or less the only journey that allows you to live authentically.

Living authentically, is about showing up to the world as the real you, the whole and complete you, the you with the positive and negative traits, the you that is unapologetically embracing themselves. To get there, we cannot be afraid of self exploring certain aspects of ourself. But instead be curious with a huge dose of humility and a healthy head space to dig deep, take that gained wisdom and transform it as healing insight for yourself and the ones around you. Integrating those neglected and rejected aspects of ourselves to live authentically, reach our full potential and finding inner balance through wholeness. Bringing your unconscious mind into your conscious mind benefits your personal growth and a more fulfilling internal state that allows you to feel more serene, happier and freer.

I'll share what worked for me in the process of integrating my shadow for that inner unification. You can do just that or adapt it to your own process or simply build up your own method. To each their own, the most important is to do what works for you and be in right headspace to embark of that shadow exploration journey and dig deep into the uncharted areas of your mind. It'll free you. You're worthy of freedom and shining as your true authentic self.

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

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