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The comparison plague w/ host Melissa D. Barry

As some of you know now, I expanded Conscious Matters to YouTube! I’m starting my journey there, experimenting, delivering talks, and chitchats still centered around empowering ourselves through holistic wellness especially mindfulness. I’ll be so happy if you guys explore with me, supporting my mission of raising the collective consciousness by subscribing and sharing the content over there. In any case, I’ll still be loyal to you by doing my monthly podcast here- but today, here is a sneak peek of Conscious Matters YouTube channel where I sat down to talk about the comparison plague that touches or has touched every single one of us.

Comparison is the thief of all joy” they say - yet we live in a society where we constantly compare or are compared to each other. Now more than ever, since with the internet and social media, it is so easy to have a peek at other people’s lives and accomplishments. We all do it. It’s in human nature. Living in communities we all look, left and right, at one another. But it becomes detrimental to our well-being when we use comparison as a scale to rate our self-worth.

Let's dive into it by exploring the intricacies of comparison in today's capitalist world:

  • Comparing becoming a norm;

  • The world of make-belief;

  • Self-confidence;

  • Intentional living;

  • And more ...

Listen up to this gem,

Namaste listeners!

- M

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