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Transitioning to the new normal

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

― a quote for world peace advocate and Nobel prize winner Nelson Mandela

When I created Conscious Matters I would have never guessed that the collective consciousness would have elevated that much and that quick! But despite the circumstances that made it happen, I’m beyond thrilled it did.

The world has been sheltering and been on strict lockdown for almost 3 months. Now some cities are gradually starting to open up but we’re encountering other very disturbing events. I would like to touch upon that by sharing my own perspective on the worldwide transitioning time we’re going through with this pandemic, the aftermath, and the new normal that is being presented to us.

I saw the pandemic as a well-needed “downtime” for all of us and Gaia, the Mother Earth included. We are so used to be in a fast-paced routine, obsessed with work, productivity, facing constant stress, relying on external factors and situations to numb us from the essentials of life - that we did forget to stop and stare to even appreciate what life we’ve built for ourselves, to truly see in what society we are living in, and realize in what state we are leaving the planet as a legacy to the generations after us. All of those years, we’ve been talking and complaining but quickly moved with our lives and felt like dealing with pressing issues like climate change, just later (no big deal). But never in the history of time, the whole world had to STOP, staying in, facing the reality of the person we’ve become, the life we’re living, the partner we chose to share our lives, the kids we’re raising, the roommates we never got the time to really connect with, and so on. It was finally time for a deep mental cleanse, cleansing our thoughts and bodies. So many people actually started to eat better, to learn how to cook, to work-out on the regular. And all of that at home! The place we’ve been at every single day … like in forever but the lockdown made us finally appreciating it or on the contrary realizing that it’s time to move out. Like I did!

Anywho .. all I want to say is that we are finally appreciating what we have, seeing with a sharp awareness what was not working and changing it and adjusting some aspects of our lives that were fine but still had rough edges. Apart from people getting sick and others dying from the virus, the upside is that cod-vid19 actually changes so many lives for the better.

I’d like to recognize that this quarantine has been our 1st step towards emerging in our truth. It’s like it prepared us mentally and emotionally for what’s going on right now. Thanks to all of this cleansing we can finally see the truth clearly, what’s behind the curtain, debunking governmental and societal systemic oppression systems, and other injustices. We just cannot go back into blissful ignorance. In singer-songwriter Florence Welch words: “It’s like we’ve open the door and it’s all coming through. So much time on the other side waiting for you to wake up.”

“What are those uncertain times teaching us to improve as a society?”.

We’ve gotta look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves what is the purpose of everything happening now? As much as we have our own consciousness, we are confronted with situations that involve everyone.

Listen to the episode to unpack those uncertain times which are leading up to a new normal. I talk about:

  • the inhumane killings for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd;

  • supporting Black lives Matters movement and being actively anti-racist*;

  • a call for unity on Find What Feels Good online community (led by Adriene Mishler);

  • what we are learning from the pandemic;

  • the eruption of solidarity and generosity based offers all over the internet;

  • fighting for what's right and fair;

  • global awakening through chaos;

  • and so much more ...

*anti-racism ressources:

Stay safe guys!

Listen up to this gem!

Namaste listeners,

M -

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