Visual branding consultancy services

Brand strategy formulas 

We offer 2 options for your brand rebirth. 


​We do it all with your collaboration. You just pick and choose what fits best for your brand.

For a brand to speak effectively to its customers, it needs to be secure in its values, communicate its message, and consistently reveal its visual identity (colors, text, approach, etc). We help you with all of the above so when anyone sees your brand, they know exactly who you are and what to expect. 

What do we do for you?

Our team creates, designs, or adjusts your:  

  • website

  • logo

  • media kits

  • brochures

  • business cards

  • any other marketing materials

You take us on your brand journey, so we can help you tell YOUR story visually to the minds, hearts, and souls you want to attract. Together we embark on the branding process to ensure that your brand message is communicated effectively to your ideal clients. 



We advise you on how to create a digital communication strategy specifically tailored to your brand which will speak to the audience you want to attract.

WAHAYU Agency specializes in promoting conscious living businesses like yours.

Our team of experts helps your business to grow through a visual branding strategy tailored to the needs and desires of your targeted audience

We believe that every customer and every story is unique so we provide a business development strategy specifically designed for each of our clients.


Take action now: contact us for your tailored plan.

– Investment starts at $555. Payment plan possible.  

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